KAI10 | Arthena Foundation
Lost Paradise

The exhibition ‘Lost Paradise’ presented works by Mark Dion, Stefan Panhans, Andreas Schulze, Marta Volkova & Slava Shevelenko, and David Zink Yi. Curated by Zdenek Felix and Ludwig Seyfarth, it is an exploration of the extent to which we are bound to our animalistic nature, and what distinguishes our existence from that of animals.

Kurz Gestaltung created the exhibition design for the show at KAI 10 | Arthena Foundation, Dusseldorf – invitation, poster, visitors’ guide, online and printed ads – and designed the catalogue accompanying the show (softcover, 80 pp). With essays by Zdenek Felix, Ludwig Seyfarth and Cora Waschke. Published by Kerber Verlag, 2014.