World Wide Weaving – Atlas
Weaving Globally, Metaphorically and Locally

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts in human culture, along with knitting and pottery. As means of exchange and trade, and with their potential to communicate complex layers of social meaning, textiles are directly related to the fabric of social life. World Wide Weaving is an ongoing, artistic project conceived and curated by Hans Hamid Rasmussen and Dorothee Albrecht. It has been hosted by the textile department of Oslo National Academy of the Arts since 2010.

Design and image editing of the catalogue, with contributions by Sarat Maharaj, Julia Gwendolyn Schneider, Dorothee Albrecht, Rike Frank, Verina Gfader, Archana Hande, Hans Hamid Rasmussen, Asa Sonjasdotter, Zille Homma Hamid and Kirsti Willemse. Edited by Dorothee Albrecht, published by Oslo National Academy of the Arts / Art and Craft Department, 2017.