Soft Soil
Poster campaign

Design of the poster which represents the final stage of this format bringing together critical voices over the course of 2020.

SOFT SOIL was a discursive format within NGbK (Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst) in Berlin. SOFT SOIL describes the ambivalence of the sandy ground Berlin is built on: both the attrition of urban structures through privatization and speculation, and the malleability of urban space through everyday practices and resistance. The format addresses colonial continuities, and questions relating to the neoliberal transformation of the city since 1990. What ideals shape the production of so-called public space, and what might »Stadt für alle« (»city for all«) mean? SOFT SOIL are Jennifer Bennett, Sonja Hornung, Vicky Kiefer, siddhartha lokanandi, Sonya Schönberger.