Gespräche zum demokratischen Alltag in Berlin

Design of the publication (softcover, 144 pages).

Thirty years after reunification, the video and book project takes a look at the history of democracy in the city and the entire country. The focus of the discussion is on the developments of the decades after reunification as well as opportunities for participation in democratic processes for the future.

Jennifer Kamau, Josephine Apraku, Tamara Hentschel, Christine Bergmann, Katalin Gennburg, Gülcan Nitsch, Till Egen, Christian Herwartz, Hans-Christian Ströbele, Niloufar Tajeri and Marianne Birthler provide insights into their actions and thinking.

In cooperation with the Stadtmuseum Berlin, 2020. If you are interested in the book, it can be requested at info@stadtmuseum.de.