Works from the Swiss Textile Collection and the Würth Collection in dialogue

Keeping a diary of your own wardrobe may seem unusual from today's perspective. Eva-Margarita Hatschek-Steiner (1924-2010), who saw her haute-couture creations as collectibles, used this diary to document all her commissions and the occasions on which she wore the creations - all made of Swiss fabrics. Since her death, this special collection has been in the custody of the Swiss Textile Collection. Selected parts of Hatschek-Steiner were exhibited in the Würth Rorschach Forum on Lake Constance in dialogue with artistic works from the Würth Collection.

Design of the exhibition catalogue (hardcover, 152 pp). With essays by C. Sylvia Weber, Thomas Müller, Dörte Welti and Simone Riehle-Unkelbach, catalogue concept and editing by Sonja Klee. Published by C. Sylvia Weber for Forum Würth Rorschach, 2017.